Monday, April 14, 2014

SSR For Abolone Regulations

In the year of 2014, (this year) Fish and Game have set more rules and regulations on how, when, and where you can go get your abalone this year. Note: this is in California, because it effects me, I don't know the other regulations in different states. This year, they took the abalone punch card maximum from 24 down to 18, we are not allowed to be in the water searching for the abalone before 8.00 a.m.. There taking our valuable time away from us, most of the low tides happen around 6.00 a.m. you wouldn't get anything after 8.00, you'd be getting tossed around in the water, wouldn't be able to see, I think its crap that they are cutting us down yet again with just more laws on how we need to do things. I love abalone and I don't respect the things there doing. I went down to Fort Bragg last year, never got checked by a warden, there were Asian people picking babies off the rock and eating them raw! If anything that should be fined and rules are made but not put into play! They should take better action in protecting the abalone besides the people who do it legally already. Just more and more rules, contradicting one another, I don't even think game wardens are going to know what the law is..

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Creative blog

Well I love fishing, it's a hobby, it's a sport, but to me it's about the passion. When your fishing you go after the biggest fish, you want to be able to get that fish on your line and land it in the boat. Back when you were just a sport's fisherman, you were allowed to use whatever gear you'd like to be able to catch the fish of choice your hunting after. Just recently, they passed a law to wear we are not allowed to fish with barbed hooks, this grinds my gears! that barb is on your hook to help from the fish falling off, you want that barb so you can catch your fish! It really makes me mad when I got a fat fish on my line, I can see it on the surface, and it decides to do a death roll 8 feet from the boat! Yeah... Not the best way to loose a fish, because there wasn't a barb on my hook because it's now illegal! I hate these new laws, we were supposed to be free and worry about ourselves, not be controlled on what we do and how we do it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Short Fishin' Story

At the south Jetty, when I was younger, my grandfather was on the top of the jetty, above all of the rocks and he started yelling and screaming about having a huge fish on! I look over as my dad is grabbing the net to help him, my grandfather is arched back fighting this fish more than I had ever seen him before, his pole bending so much it looks like its about to snap! My dad makes his way down to a rock in front of my grandfather next to the water, as the fish was coming up my dad was the one starting to get scared. MY grandfather has been fighting this fish for about 5 minutes from the rocks, its got to be a biggin' the fish finally starts to come up, and there rises bubbles from beneath the surface, my dad was not wanting to be next to the water for this, he hopped up one rock. after a little more tugging and pulling, the fish had come to the surface.. but there was one issue, that fish is big, and bright yellow, and Bubbles?! What kind of fish could he have caught? Out of nowhere popped up a diver's head, my grandfather had hooked him by his air tank. HAHA I laughed my A** off, looking at my dad's scared face not knowing what to do, and my grandpa laying down from being so tired. I feel a little bad for laughing at my grandfather, cause he was trying to get  that big fish and he thought he had it on, but it was just some dumb a** that decided to dive in an area where lots of people fish.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Funny Fishing Story

When I was around 11, maybe 12, I was at the Jetty with my dad and granddad. We all were fishing; my dad and I were down on the rocks as my granddad was fishing from up top. Out of nowhere my granddad starts shouting and hollerin' about a huge fish on the line. I look over and my dad grabs the net and jumps down onto a rock next to the water in front of my granddad. I was watching my granddad fight this fish for a solid 5 minutes. He is cranking the rod near breaking point. The pole's tip bent so far its about to touch the handle, my granddad leaning back fighting with all his strength. This was for sure to be a big fish. After the battle is going on for a few moments, the monster started coming in, as it nears the surface, mass amounts of bubbles emerge from beneath the water. My dad was not wanting to net in this fish, he was scared and hopped off of the rock. A few moments after he left the rock, the fish finally came up to the surface. Come to find out it was a man diving where everyone is fishing. My dad and I were laughing our asses off. My granddad broke in a big sweat and was all worn out from fighting (what was the fish, now a diver).

Friday, February 7, 2014

Today i Isaac Helton will be guest blogging for Tanner Cordeiro  about the steal head in the rivers 

       steal head in the rivers are lined up in huge packs maybe a mile long  waiting for the flow to increase so they can go out to the ocean. steal head fishing is closed because of the flow issue because the CDFW are trying to save as many of the adult fish as possible to make fishing next year able to fish the have decided to stop fishing in till the flow gets better thy predict  that April 30 it will be open to fish again LCO Rivers Closed . however when the rivers open back up there are many different ways to catch them my favorite is just to use a bobber  and a marshmallow. you can also use  fly fishing gear.

Friday, January 31, 2014

General Fishin'

There are many types of fishing, you got ocean, river, lake, ponds, etc. These styles of fishing are separated between two types of water, freshwater and salt water. These different bodies of water carry different species of fish, including there size, looks, and styles of living beneath the surface. Typically the sea fish are normally bigger because they have more space to live in, an there's a larger source of food for all the different species trying to thrive. With all these different types of fish, you need different techniques an equipment to catch certain fish in certain locations. When it comes to fishing you need the right gear for the certain types of places, or conditions that you are facing to catch the fish. There are fishing with poles, nets, long lines, snagging, jigging, an so on. You need the right equipment and skills to catch the fish you want in there distinct locations.