Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Creative blog

Well I love fishing, it's a hobby, it's a sport, but to me it's about the passion. When your fishing you go after the biggest fish, you want to be able to get that fish on your line and land it in the boat. Back when you were just a sport's fisherman, you were allowed to use whatever gear you'd like to be able to catch the fish of choice your hunting after. Just recently, they passed a law to wear we are not allowed to fish with barbed hooks, this grinds my gears! that barb is on your hook to help from the fish falling off, you want that barb so you can catch your fish! It really makes me mad when I got a fat fish on my line, I can see it on the surface, and it decides to do a death roll 8 feet from the boat! Yeah... Not the best way to loose a fish, because there wasn't a barb on my hook because it's now illegal! I hate these new laws, we were supposed to be free and worry about ourselves, not be controlled on what we do and how we do it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Short Fishin' Story

At the south Jetty, when I was younger, my grandfather was on the top of the jetty, above all of the rocks and he started yelling and screaming about having a huge fish on! I look over as my dad is grabbing the net to help him, my grandfather is arched back fighting this fish more than I had ever seen him before, his pole bending so much it looks like its about to snap! My dad makes his way down to a rock in front of my grandfather next to the water, as the fish was coming up my dad was the one starting to get scared. MY grandfather has been fighting this fish for about 5 minutes from the rocks, its got to be a biggin' the fish finally starts to come up, and there rises bubbles from beneath the surface, my dad was not wanting to be next to the water for this, he hopped up one rock. after a little more tugging and pulling, the fish had come to the surface.. but there was one issue, that fish is big, and bright yellow, and Bubbles?! What kind of fish could he have caught? Out of nowhere popped up a diver's head, my grandfather had hooked him by his air tank. HAHA I laughed my A** off, looking at my dad's scared face not knowing what to do, and my grandpa laying down from being so tired. I feel a little bad for laughing at my grandfather, cause he was trying to get  that big fish and he thought he had it on, but it was just some dumb a** that decided to dive in an area where lots of people fish.