Friday, January 31, 2014

General Fishin'

There are many types of fishing, you got ocean, river, lake, ponds, etc. These styles of fishing are separated between two types of water, freshwater and salt water. These different bodies of water carry different species of fish, including there size, looks, and styles of living beneath the surface. Typically the sea fish are normally bigger because they have more space to live in, an there's a larger source of food for all the different species trying to thrive. With all these different types of fish, you need different techniques an equipment to catch certain fish in certain locations. When it comes to fishing you need the right gear for the certain types of places, or conditions that you are facing to catch the fish. There are fishing with poles, nets, long lines, snagging, jigging, an so on. You need the right equipment and skills to catch the fish you want in there distinct locations.