Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Funny Fishing Story

When I was around 11, maybe 12, I was at the Jetty with my dad and granddad. We all were fishing; my dad and I were down on the rocks as my granddad was fishing from up top. Out of nowhere my granddad starts shouting and hollerin' about a huge fish on the line. I look over and my dad grabs the net and jumps down onto a rock next to the water in front of my granddad. I was watching my granddad fight this fish for a solid 5 minutes. He is cranking the rod near breaking point. The pole's tip bent so far its about to touch the handle, my granddad leaning back fighting with all his strength. This was for sure to be a big fish. After the battle is going on for a few moments, the monster started coming in, as it nears the surface, mass amounts of bubbles emerge from beneath the water. My dad was not wanting to net in this fish, he was scared and hopped off of the rock. A few moments after he left the rock, the fish finally came up to the surface. Come to find out it was a man diving where everyone is fishing. My dad and I were laughing our asses off. My granddad broke in a big sweat and was all worn out from fighting (what was the fish, now a diver).

Friday, February 7, 2014

Today i Isaac Helton will be guest blogging for Tanner Cordeiro  about the steal head in the rivers 

       steal head in the rivers are lined up in huge packs maybe a mile long  waiting for the flow to increase so they can go out to the ocean. steal head fishing is closed because of the flow issue because the CDFW are trying to save as many of the adult fish as possible to make fishing next year able to fish the have decided to stop fishing in till the flow gets better thy predict  that April 30 it will be open to fish again LCO Rivers Closed . however when the rivers open back up there are many different ways to catch them my favorite is just to use a bobber  and a marshmallow. you can also use  fly fishing gear.