Monday, April 14, 2014

SSR For Abolone Regulations

In the year of 2014, (this year) Fish and Game have set more rules and regulations on how, when, and where you can go get your abalone this year. Note: this is in California, because it effects me, I don't know the other regulations in different states. This year, they took the abalone punch card maximum from 24 down to 18, we are not allowed to be in the water searching for the abalone before 8.00 a.m.. There taking our valuable time away from us, most of the low tides happen around 6.00 a.m. you wouldn't get anything after 8.00, you'd be getting tossed around in the water, wouldn't be able to see, I think its crap that they are cutting us down yet again with just more laws on how we need to do things. I love abalone and I don't respect the things there doing. I went down to Fort Bragg last year, never got checked by a warden, there were Asian people picking babies off the rock and eating them raw! If anything that should be fined and rules are made but not put into play! They should take better action in protecting the abalone besides the people who do it legally already. Just more and more rules, contradicting one another, I don't even think game wardens are going to know what the law is..


  1. Thats a bunch of bull cutting down the regulations EVEN MORE! The regulations were fine as they were. Your right, going out at 8:00 am insted of 6 absolutely sucks. NV

  2. Tanner I agree that these regulations are not needed. This ruins everyone ability to ab dive and its not fair. Hopefully these laws will be changed and reconsidered. I like your passion against these regulations. C.D.

  3. i also agree the regulations should be changed back you should start a petition